The Dallas Morning News Increases Distribution of Al Día and Briefing

The Dallas Morning News is happy to announce that two of its niche publications, Al Día and Briefing, have recently increased home delivery circulation by 25,000 and 50,000 copies, respectively. This distribution increase is a key initiative to expand audience, capabilities and business opportunities. At a time when many media competitors are scaling back, The Dallas Morning News is investing in the kind of short- and long-term growth that advertisers have indicated they want. The additional copies are reaching homes located in strategic “key retail zones,” where businesses demand greater household penetration by Al Día and Briefing.

Briefing and Al Día increase distribution

The Dallas Morning News’ award-winning news content now has a significantly greater readership, and the paper will continue the mission of connecting, engaging and informing its audiences on issues, events and ideas that matter to the communities it serves. These initiatives are the result of collaborative work from many departments within our organization. We can’t wait to share our successes with them as we continue to grow and foster strong relationships with our readers and advertising partners!