Belo Media Group Claims AMA Marketer of the Year – Best in B2B Branding

As the oldest operating company in Texas, there are few moments quite as sweet as this. Last night, the American Marketing Association of Dallas/Fort Worth (AMA DFW) named Belo Media Group the winner of the Best Branding – B2B this year. For us, the awards are more than a recognition of excellence in branding, or even cultivating marketing strategies to build our brand. They’re a reflection of the passion, dedication and collaboration that each person in the company brings every day.

We had the chance to display some of our assets during the event (see image on the left) including the website, special sections, social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and additional collateral, including brand media kits, rate cards, case studies and more.

Our Story

When we dedicated ourselves to launch Belo Media Group last year, we knew we were going to be part of a revolutionary movement in digital marketing. To reinvent a brand with such a strong legacy that highlights both the strategic marketing purpose of print and digital without muddying the waters with so many products and services was a challenge we accepted. The goal was to illustrate a mission and vision for existing and prospective clients that incorporates such a rich history with a new, forward-thinking and utterly modern outlook. The award is testament to having achieved our goal of building a comprehensive branding strategy as wide and deep as our reach of the North Texas audience.

A big part of our success was to revise the value proposition from just a marketing agency solution to emphasizing both our award-winning publications and the extensive marketing solutions offered. The focus of all our branding efforts was to emphasize our legacy in the Dallas-Fort Worth community, our commitment to our advertisers and readers, and our unique reach: 100% of the DFW market.

The real driver of Belo Media Group’s success, though, is the passion of its teams and their dedication to the individual clients. The awards are by no means the end of the path, but a sure sign that we are moving in the right direction.