The Belo Beat

Parents’ Guide to Summer

Summer can be a very productive time for kids. The Parents’ Guide to Summer is a comprehensive resource for parents and grandparents with energetic kids to entertain.

Increase Enrollment with The Power of an MBA Special Section

The Power of an MBA will give readers a comprehensive look at continuing education and shed light on questions like financing and the value of an MBA in today’s competitive climate. This special section is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your MBA programs to a receptive, educated and serious audience.

4 Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Don’t end your relationship with your customers or clients at the end of the first transaction. Once you’ve prioritized and won the customer, here are four marketing tactics to keep them coming back.

Dallas: Your Customers’ Next Vacation Destination

The premier content in Destination Dallas will include festive seasonal events, maps, best of features and everything visitors need to know about top things to do in town, including arts, entertainment, shopping and dining in Dallas.

Help Shape the Future of Dallas at the 2018 Festival of Ideas

The Dallas Festival of Ideas will feature nationally and locally prominent speakers and panelists, musical and arts performances and various ways for local residents to shape the future of Dallas. Celebrate the ideas and knowledge that empower a diverse and equitable community.

The 2018 Guide to Charter Schools

The Guide to Charter Schools is your trusted source for the answers parents are looking for in DFW. What sets your school apart, which is the best fit for your student and what myths can be debunked surrounding charter schools in DFW?

Senior Living: How to Live Your Best in the Golden Age

Senior Living: A Guide to the Next Stage special section has information on living and lifestyle options. Health care quality is the No. 1 topic of interest to our readers, and this section will be a hub of information for seniors about living their best in their golden stage.

Marketing to Expectant Mothers

What can the modern mom-to-be expect when she’s expecting? Two things are certain: she can expect to have a lot of questions and she can expect to buy a lot of baby gear. Here are three marketing tips for brands looking to reach expecting mothers.

How to Achieve Recruitment Marketing Success

Here are a few key factors for successful recruitment marketing that will make the job search process easier for applicants, lead them to your careers page, attract qualified employees and build a pool of premium talent.