Forget the Foam Finger, Sports Fans are All Ears

The winning advantage of sports media over many other marketing solutions is the passionate fans. Reaching engaged fans and getting them to market a brand to their friends is a one-two knockout that many brands should consider.

According to a sports-fan engagement study by research firm Catalyst, “eight out of 10 sports fans who ‘Like’ or follow a brand online say they’re open to sharing brand content, buying goods or engaging with social posts.”

In Texas, where everything is bigger, sports are a religion. SportsDay, the leading sports brand in D-FW, scores an estimated audience of 1.4 million weekly readers and 7.6 million average monthly page views on

The Texas Rangers are a perfect example of a successful sports brand. Fans of MLB in the D-FW market are willing to pay $18.08 more than the average ticket price to attend a game. In other words, those fans are ready to shell out extra dollars just to cheer on their favorite team.

Clearly, people can’t get enough talk about sports in D-FW. That’s why SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket reaches 1 million unique listeners each week.

Belo Media Group, whose SportsDay TALK app cleverly combines content from both SportsDay and The Ticket, has found that advertisers can reach this audience naturally by going where they love to be.

“Dallas is a huge sports town and fans are very passionate,” said Scot Sandlin, sales director at Belo Media Group. “There are many marketing options for an advertiser today, but sports is a way to directly connect with someone because the team(s) they follow are a direct part of who they are.”

Because of the captivating nature of sports, the average fan is willing to focus their time and attention on supporting their loyal fandom.

“Sports are very personal; there’s an emotional attachment that drives a person’s support for their team and influences why they’re a fan,” said Sandra Henry, senior subject matter expert at Belo Media Group. “Harnessing that connection can be very powerful for any brand.”

In a world of likes and tweets, tapping into the passionately captive sports audience is sure to be a game-changer for turning followers into customers, word-of-mouth marketers and loyal fans of your brand.