Parents’ Guide to Summer

Summer doesn’t mean a break from learning

Summer can be a very productive time for kids. That’s why The Dallas Morning News publishes The Parents’ Guide to Summer, a special pullout section appearing in the April 6th edition of Friday Guide and briefing. The section is a comprehensive resource for parents and grandparents with energetic kids to entertain.

The Parents’ Guide to Summer lists an array of activities for kids, including summer camps and learning programs, dance lessons, arts and crafts classes and much more.


Reach a kid-friendly audience

In DFW, more than 578,000 adults with children in the household read The Dallas Morning News or briefing on a weekly basis, and 437,698 of our readers are grandparents. The Parents’ Guide to Summer is the perfect vehicle to advertise your business or service. Children’s retailers, dance studios, learning centers, recreation centers, summer activities and many more will reach a large, kid-friendly audience.

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Program details

To be considered for the free listings, please go to A completed form is required. The deadline for submission is March 5th, at 3 p.m. No listings can be accepted by phone. Incomplete or late submissions cannot be used. Listings are limited to North Central Texas. The guide cannot list overnight camps, activities that take place in private homes, commercial day-care centers or vacation Bible schools. Programs must be open to the public.