Weir’s Furniture Mothers Day Promotion Drives at Least 400 Customers into the Store

Speakeasy, Belo Media Group and Weir’s had great success with a checkin event based on cross-platform promotion and a strong offer.

9b3489bf3abdc8b927b0f6929bb06451.primaryWeir’s Furniture had a very successful Mother’s Day lamp promotion at their four locations! They gave away 400 lamps to customers who checked in on Facebook which means they had 400 check ins! They are pleased with the promotion and know that sales grew as a result. Farmer’s Branch had 10 people waiting in line before the store opened because they saw the promotion on Facebook, some customers saw the Dallas Morning News eblast and some were excited to participate that happened to be shopping in the store that day. Their fans grew significantly over the weekend because of this promotion and the $500 gift card giveaway.

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