Why Your Business Needs To Be Active On Google+

There are tangible, er, pluses to having your business active on Google+. If you’re looking for greater exposure for your company and to actively engage with your customers—and who wouldn’t—then having a Google+ account is a no-brainer.

There are more than 543 million active user accounts on Google+. Sixty-eight percent of all Internet searches are conducted using Google, and Google-owned YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month. Given these numbers, it’s abundantly clear that anyone looking for anything on the Internet is being routed through Google at some point. And if that’s where the people are, that’s where your company should be.

Here are a few reasons why your business should consider a presence on Google+.

You have the ability to gain a direct connection with customers and others in your industry. The number of +1s (or “Friends” of Google+) a company has influences its rank order. The more you connect, the higher up your company ranks in searches.

When these +1s comment or write a review, your SEO ranking rises. Requesting reviews and then responding to those reviews (thanking those with positive feedback and addressing negative comments) is integral to social engagement and elevates your position in searches. Reviews show up in search results and offer a new touch-point for prospective customers, boosting your exposure in searches.

Reviews are the most important variables in determining inclusion and ranking in the local carousel of businesses that appear at the top of search results. Customer reviews and photos shape the way your business appears on its Google+ page (a minimum of four reviews are needed for increased presence), and presence in the carousel creates greater impact for businesses as opposed to simple text results.

There are also advanced features available to businesses using Google+. Google My Business showcases your Google business listing with links to the Knowledge Graph (the panel that appears on the right side of the search results). Pegman Searches can virtually place a viewer inside your business through a pop-up window, while Maps Search calls up pertinent information such as phone number and hours of operation, as well as photos overlaid on top of Google Maps. Google My Business can be embedded into your Facebook page or your website, and the content is compatible with any mobile device.

These additional touch-points maximize your business’ status and put you in front of customers in almost every conceivable search. Plus, content you post on Google Business receives unique ranking for search results. The more posts, the more engagement with each post, the greater your company’s overall rank in search results. If you’re not actively posting content, then competitor content can be listed around your link.

Another tool in the Google arsenal is Google Hangouts, which provides a location for direct customer interaction with up to 10 people at a time. This engagement with customers can lead to more reviews and thus enhanced search results.

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