Increasing Brand Awareness with Advertorials


A law firm with multiple areas of practice needed an opportunity for wider exposure and their specialty in elder law.


With manager and Senior Attorney Virginia Hammerle’s affinity for sharing her expertise through educational writing, we proposed a weekly advertorial in The Dallas Morning News Seniors pages. The advertorial placement would both augment the target segment and benefit from anchoring that section in the newspaper. Tailoring the column-style advertorial for the Seniors section, Hammerle could reach a highly engaged audience through a range of different topics relating to their elder law practice.


After more than a year of her weekly “LegalTalk Texas” advertorial column, the firm has seen an increase in clients who learned about their services from its presence in the paper. A true testament to advertorial capabilities, Hammerle concluded, “there’s definitely a direct correlation between the column running and an increased demand for services, even in our other areas of practice.”