Reaching New Heights with an Integrated Marketing Strategy


After waiting 34 years for the Wright Amendment to be lifted, Southwest Airlines faced the unique challenge of promoting addition nonstop flights from Dallas Love Field. With all this excitement and a highly confidential rebranding campaign set to unveil around the same time, they employed the help of our team to drive awareness and positive publicity.


We proposed an integrated marketing campaign, including print, digital and rich media opportunities to celebrate their milestone and to promote new nonstop flights to major cities across the United States. Along with display advertising and an interactive homepage takeover, the partnership included a custom publication that wore multiple hats, so to speak. “This very turnkey piece allowed us to tell our whole story as authentically as possible – the story of both our new nonstops and our new branding in a powerful, visual way. It served as a commemorative piece for employees and customers alike,” Southwest Airlines media integration Senior Strategist Debra Kennedy said.


Although the newly branded Southwest Airlines is nearly months into their addition of new nonstops, the success of their integrated marketing campaign is clear to Kennedy. “In the end, it was about launching all the new flights, which are very full, so it’s proving profitable,” she said. Kennedy is certain of the custom publication’s success. “We left copies in the seats of our first nonstop flights leaving Love Field that day and gave copies to all of our Dallas employees – we barely have any left. When senior executives are praising the project and leaders are asking for more copies – I can say it is a success.”