3 Lessons from These Creative Recruitment Campaigns

Recruitment is all a part of the business because as your company grows, your staff will have to grow too. But for many companies, recruiting top talent is sometimes easier said than done.

With recruitment being majority digital, there is a lot more competition for those looking to recruit great talent. In fact, top-notch talent knows that recruitment is now a two-way street. Companies are now expected to pull out the big stops and vie for the talent’s attention. This means that your company’s recruiting strategy has to be bigger and better to stand out from the crowd.

Recruitment is beyond a stale job posting. Instead, you need to interact and engage with potential talent by implementing some creativity into your recruitment campaign. Luckily, some brands have upped the ante over the years when it comes to how they recruit. And from those successful campaigns, are three lessons that you can apply when it’s time for your business to recruit.

Number One: Use Social

You can’t deny the power of social media. And for your next talent acquisition campaign, social should be at the top of your list.

In 2014, the online food delivery service GrubHub did a great job at using social media platform Snapchat to recruit interns. Since Snapchat is a visual component and highly popular amongst users between the ages of 13 and 34, it was the perfect platform to house their campaign. On the Snapchat Discover page, users were able to view a six-image slideshow which explained how they could apply as an intern by simply snapping their best doodle. This allowed interested candidates to showcase their creativity and social skills all in one.


Image Credit: Brendemix

Number Two: Apply Your Brand

Implementing your brand into your marketing campaign is a no-brainer. Etsy, the leading ecommerce site for unique handcrafted products proves that applying your brand also works well when recruiting.

With over 19 million active buyers, Etsy’s software engineers are who help keep the peer-to-peer ecommerce website afloat. That’s why when the company was on the hunt for engineers on the west coast, they rolled out the Code as Craft campaign. This genius campaign targeted engineers through an installation that used engineering jargon to showcase Etsy products. With the installation placed at San Francisco’s popular commuter rail line Caltrain Station, the campaign not only helped Etsy’s recruiting effort but also served as a cool way to increase brand awareness.


Image Credit: Etsy

Number Three: Don’t Stop

For many companies, recruitment is an ongoing process that never really ends. If your company hires on a consistent basis, take a page out of Twitter’s book — create a successful campaign that has momentum and don’t stop.

Social media platform Twitter has been on the scene for over 10 years now. Once it grew in popularity and needed to hire more employees, the company created @Join the Flock, a micro-blogging Twitter handle to help with on-going recruitment for the company. With over half a million followers, Join the Flock, allows people to stay updated on who they’re hiring, what they’re doing and why interested candidates should work at Twitter. When the Twitter page isn’t being updated with job postings for the company, it is used by the recruitment department to highlight employee anniversaries and staff functions using the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWork.  


Image Credit: Twitter

As these companies prove, creating the right recruiting campaign for your business can mean thinking beyond a job posting. While this will take a bit more ingenuity on your part, it’s achievable and can make a world of difference in the talent your company acquires.

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