5 Marketing Predictions That Will Reign in 2017

This year we saw a rise in voice search, expanded social advertising opportunities, and Pokémon Go which fueled the popularity of virtual reality marketing.  This and much more made 2016 a pretty great year, especially in the world of marketing.

As you mark your calendar to bid adieu to 2016, it’s also a good time to think about your marketing plan for the upcoming year. While doing so, we urge you to keep these five marketing predictions in mind as they will make a huge impact in the way all companies market in 2017.

1. Content Will Get Personal

Content marketing is everywhere and has been for a while now. From video to social media to blog posts, 2016 saw a record 88 percent of companies include some type of content marketing in their digital strategy. Next year, that number will rise. However, the content will get a bit more personal.

In 2017, personalized content will make a huge splash across all marketing channels. This will allow you to connect with your customers on a different level using data like their location, time zone, behaviors and more. Content personalization also will greatly impact how consumers move through buyer’s journeys in 2017.

2. Omnichannel Marketing Will Be the Norm

A few years ago, omnichannel marketing was a luxury.  But with social media and mobile marketing booming, omnichannel marketing will be the norm for any business in 2017.

With omnichannel marketing, you choose a mix of channels that helps you reach your target audience and create a stronger brand presence.  That’s why Business2Community reported that companies with omnichannel engagement retained an average of 89 percent of their customers. It’s no wonder why omnichannel marketing will be a major player in 2017.

3. Video Will Matter More

2016 should be nicknamed “The Year of Video”.

This year, we saw companies embed videos in email campaigns and landing pages. Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram also gave users the chance to stream live videos this year. Facebook says that over 100 million videos are watched on the social network every day. With numbers like that, it’s only right that we take video with us into 2017!

Video has emerged as a key driving force for businesses when it comes to promoting customer loyalty and increasing ROI. In 2017, it is a tool that every business will need to integrate into their marketing strategy to be successful in the New Year.

4. Programmatic Native Advertising Will Take Off

In 2016, programmatic native advertising surged in popularity. It was so important that we dedicated a blog to it.

With programmatic native advertising, your ads are disguised as pieces of editorial content. Because of this, it is also highly favored amongst customers too as they feel it is more valuable and useful.

Hailed as a win-win for both you and your customers, you’ll see more of programmatic native advertising in 2017. It is even predicted to generate over 20 billion dollars in revenue in the US next year.

5. Social Engagement Will Be a Main Factor

For years now, social media has been a daily staple in our personal lives. It is a place where we can interact and engage with our friends and family.  While brands have made social media a part of their digital strategy, a lot of companies still don’t give it much attention. If you have this social media mindset, it is time to change. In 2017, social engagement shouldn’t be low on your to-do list. It’ll need to be a main factor.

As consumers look to social for reviews on products and services, they also use it as a way to contact customer service. And with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest making in-app buying easy, it is important that you make social media engagement a business goal in 2017.

As the New Year makes its arrival, it is time to ensure your company’s marketing strategy is set and fully loaded. By incorporating these 2017 marketing predictions into your strategy, you’ll be set to conquer the New Year!

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