5 Social Media Campaigns To Try In 2017

It’s a new year, and that means a new round of social media campaigns.

There was no shortage of brilliant campaigns in 2016, which gives us reason to believe that we’ll see even more impressive campaigns this year.

But in order for a social media campaign to take off, you must inject a dose of creativity, innovation, and uniqueness within in it.

That’s where many businesses run into problems.

If you need a bit of inspiration, then let’s take a look at 5 social media campaigns to try this year, so you can draw in more followers and convert them into customers for your business:

Fan Content Campaign

Launching a fan content campaign can do wonders to inspire your following. It not only provides you with ready-made content, it also brings a tremendous amount of user engagement and brand exposure.

For example, Chevrolet asked their Twitter followers to post pictures of their Chevy vehicle, along with a branded hash tag:

social media campaigns

Image Credit: Sproutsocial.com

When you encourage your social media followers to participate in your campaign using your brand hash tag, it helps to strengthen brand loyalty with your audience.

Video-Based Campaign

Video is the most shareable form of content on social media, so it makes sense to include video in your campaigns. An entertaining and informative video that your target audience loves is likely to be shared.

For example, LG Mobile delivered a video campaign on Facebook that was entertaining and very relevant to their consumers:

social media campaigns

Image Credit: Hubspot.com

A shared video can become very popular, exposing your brand to new consumers and re-kindling desire in past customers.

Comment Giveaway Contest Campaign

A comment giveaway contest is a great way to invoke new enthusiasm in your followers. You simply propose a contest where the best/right comment wins a prize.

Since a prize is offered to the selected winners, this opportunity compels your followers to get engaged with your brand. You can also set it up to where people have to visit your website in order to find out the right answers to the contest.

For example, Sleepy People ran a comment giveaway contest on Facebook where fans could win a cozy bedding set:

social media campaigns

Image Credit: Agorapulse.com

Comment giveaway contests can inspire your followers to heavily comment on your posts, boosting your engagement.

Social Cause Campaign

Promoting a social cause has shown to produce incredible user engagement. This kind of campaign lets your target audiences engage with your brand in the name of supporting a noble cause like a charity.

For example, Sevenly promoted “The Young and Brave Foundation” on Facebook to help support children with cancer:

social media campaigns

Image Credit: Clickz.com

Holiday Campaign

Holiday campaigns will never get old. The holidays are a fabric of our society, and majority of people have strong emotional ties to them.

For example, GoPro posted a photo on Instagram celebrating Thanksgiving holiday:

social media campaigns

Image Credit: Coiski.com

When it comes to celebrating holidays on social media, you should use a holiday theme and share a strong sense of enthusiasm. Your followers will join in your enthusiasm giving your business a chance to strengthen brand loyalty.


Applying these 5 types of social media campaigns in 2017 will boost your engagement for website traffic and your brand.  But don’t just stop there, consider other ways you can engage your audience on social media so you can get the most out of your social marketing this year.

After you’ve tried these campaigns, be sure to come back here and share your experience 🙂

Do you know other types of social media campaigns? Do you have questions about social media campaigns? If so, please share your comments and questions below.

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