5 Tips For Effective Mobile Advertising

It’s no secret that consumers use smartphones far more often than desktops and laptops today.

With their smartphones they literally have the world at their fingertips (well thumbs to be exact!)

If your company is not running mobile advertising campaigns, then you’re missing out on great opportunities to connect with your consumers.

Check the statistics:

According to surveys and customer reports, it appears that consumers are not only tolerant of mobile ads, they’re actually happy to be exposed to them.

50% of mobile shoppers consider ads to be both helpful and informative, so it’s important that you’re reaching your consumers in the places where they’re active in this case, their smartphone.

Here are 5 tips your business can use for effective mobile advertising:

Tip #1 – Diversify Your Mobile Ads

An advertisement can become boring if it’s the same old ad that appears every time, everywhere. Think about it… after you’ve seen the same ad a few times, don’t you start to tune it out?

The same thing can happen to your mobile ads if you’re not delivering a variety of them. You should develop an engaging and interesting experience for your consumers.

A few ways you can “change the game” is by using a mix of display, video, and dynamic ads. This will help prevent ad fatigue and keep your consumers engaged with your advertising.

Tip #2 – Personalize Your Mobile Ads

Nowadays consumers crave personalized advertising. They would rather see ads based on what they’re shopping for and want to buy.

This can be done with mobile advertising using remarketing. Remarketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website. And dynamic remarketing lets you show previous visitors ads that contain products and services they viewed on your site.

Dynamic remarketing is a powerful way to personalize your mobile advertising. Take Sierra Trading Post for example. They decided to run a dynamic remarketing campaign, and their conversions increased 5X.

That’s the beauty of dynamic remarketing.

Tip #3 – Define What Conversions Mean For You

Before running a mobile advertising campaign it’s important to know what your goals are. Once you know your goals then you can begin to define what a conversion is for you.

Think about what consumers can do using their smartphones that would help them connect with your business. A conversion could be a consumer calling you for information, submitting their contact information, making a reservation, signing up for text alerts, purchasing a product, etc.

Defining your conversions helps you structure your entire mobile advertising campaign. Because you’ll know the exact path that you want your consumers to take. Also, defining your conversions is useful for tracking your conversion rate.

Tip #4 – Integrate Social Media

The vast majority of smartphone usage takes place on social media. Throughout the day consumers are checking their Facebook feed, updating Twitter, liking Instagram pictures, and much more.

This makes it even more important for advertisers to consider the way they advertise on social platforms. Make sure you have an active social media presence and plenty of opportunities for consumers to get involved with your brand.

When you run an advertising campaign on these social media platforms, consumers can access your social profiles, be influenced by your brand, and be taken to your business website right on their smartphone!

Tip #5 – Use Location Targeting

Let’s face it… Many people use their smartphones on the go. Are your ads primed to show up when a consumer is near your business location?

Sophistication of mobile advertising has come a long way. It’s now to the point where you can have your ads show up more frequently when a consumer is in your targeted location.

This is helpful for consumers who are shopping, traveling, or simply on the move.  For example, say you have a retail storefront. A consumer decides to go shopping near your business location. Using location targeting your mobile ads would be more likely to reach this consumer.

The chance of this consumer visiting your store goes up because your ad reached them at the right time, at the right place.

There you have it! Those are 5 tips for effective mobile advertising.

Just to recap  remember to diversify your ads, personalize your ads, define what conversions mean to you, incorporate social media, and use location targeting. If you apply these tips to your mobile advertising, you will see positive results with your campaigns!

We’re interested to know your experience with mobile advertising. What insights do you have? What challenges are you facing?

Feel free to leave a comment or question below!

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