6 Facebook Marketing Ideas For Car Dealerships

Buying a car can be a stressful process, and consumers feel they need to do as much research as possible before stepping onto the lot. Car dealerships can help consumers with their buying process by posting helpful content on social media, especially Facebook.

By offering content that informs, rather than just sells, you position yourself as a dealer who’s knowledgeable about cars and is passionate for helping each customer find the right vehicle for their needs.

However, generating ideas for Facebook can be tough when you’re already pressed for time. To make it easier for you, here are 6 Facebook marketing ideas to use for your dealership:

Share Vivid Photos and Videos

Good photos and videos of your car inventory will help consumers visualize what the car is like and motivate them to come for a test drive. Facebook is an effective social media platform for you to post photos and videos. Just be sure to post your content on your own website too.

A strategy you can use with photos and videos is a vehicle walk around. Take photos and/or video of one of your cars then do a descriptive breakdown describing what you’re showcasing. This is a great opportunity to inform consumers about the vehicle’s features and benefits.

facebook marketing ideas for car dealerships

Image Credit: Mercedes Benz of Plano


Tease New Model Releases

You can create buzz with a timely Facebook post dedicated to revealing information about next year’s models. With all the buzz surrounding a new model you can collect email addresses from consumers who have strong interest and specifically market to them.

A good way to stay-up-date on new models is setting up Google Alerts for your make and model. Once you discover compelling information to share, post it on Facebook.

facebook marketing ideas for car dealerships

Image Credit: Classic Chevrolet Buick GMC in Granbury

Offer Car Buying Advice and Vehicle Maintenance Tips

When searching for a car, some consumers have plenty of experience with the process, while others do not. With car buying advice you can help inexperienced consumers figure out exactly what they’re looking for. Think of the questions they might ask and the issues they may face. Then you can create a Facebook post that answers their questions and helps solve their issues.

An easy way to attract customers to your service department is to share tips and answer frequently asked questions related to vehicle maintenance. This type of content builds customer confidence and demonstrates credibility and transparency at the same time.

facebook marketing ideas for car dealerships

Image Credit: Classic Chevrolet Buick GMC in Granbury

Make Dealership-Specific Announcements

Sharing news about your dealership is a great way to keep your customers involved about what goes on outside of the salesroom and service department. Things like upcoming events, employee awards, dealership awards, employee anniversaries and birthdays, employee of the month, and community involvement can be shared on Facebook. This type of content lends itself to making your dealership appear more personable.

facebook marketing ideas for car dealerships

Image Credit: Texas Toyota of Grapevine

Provide Recommendation Lists

Based on the demographics you cater to, you can create recommendation lists to help specific groups of consumers during their research. For example, if you have families coming to your dealership for family cars you can create a list called “Top 5 Family Cars For 2017” or “Top 5 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs”. Then you simply highlight relevant cars that you have in your inventory. This type of Facebook post is informative and also promotes your cars in a meaningful way.

facebook marketing ideas for car dealerships

Image Credit: Moritz Kia of Fort Worth

Deliver Auto Industry News

You may think most consumers probably don’t care about everything going on in the auto industry, but there are plenty of auto enthusiasts who really love cars. You share knowledge of the auto industry with people every day in person, so it only makes sense to share your knowledge online as well.

When you find out about new innovations, technology, safety regulations, manufacturer reports, and basically anything you deem relevant and newsworthy in the auto industry, you should post it on Facebook. Become an authoritative source of information for consumers by sharing your expertise of what you know best.

facebook marketing ideas for car dealerships

Image Credit: Texas Toyota of Grapevine

Final Thoughts

Consumers are looking for your dealership online and Facebook is one of the ways they’re going to find you. Great Facebook marketing can translate into increased online visibility, more organic traffic and, ultimately, drive more people to your showroom 🙂

What does your dealership post on Facebook? Let us know in the comments below.

Does your dealership need help with Facebook marketing? We can help. Our expert digital marketing team is experienced, knowledgeable, and knows exactly what it takes to create an online buzz, resulting in a loyal following of customers visiting your dealership. Contact Belo Media Group to get started today.