7 Email Marketing Tips for Every Business

Did you know that on average, every $1 spent on email marketing generates an estimated $38 in ROI? It’s true!

Email marketing continues to prove that no matter what new marketing channels come to play, it’s still the ruler of the playground. This is why it remains atop the list of preferred digital marketing solutions for companies and consumers.

Whether you use email marketing to stay engaged with existing customers or as a way to entice prospects, here are some tips that you should know to help you get the most out of your email sends.

7 Business Email Marketing Tips

1. Make Subscribing Easy

When it comes to subscribing to your marketing emails make it easy.

Place your SUBSCRIBE or SIGN UP button in a place on your website, social media page or landing page that is clearly visible. Also, keep your sign up form as short as possible because the less work for your subscribers, the better. Instead of prolonging the process by asking for birthdates and company names, only capture basic information like the name and the email address to prevent scaring subscribers away.

2. Send a Welcome Email

When someone signs up for your marketing emails, it’s because they’re interested in your business, product or service. Once they’ve signed up, welcome your new subscribers with open arms by sending them a welcome or thank you email. Not only will this confirm that they’ve been successfully added to your mailing list, but it also allows them to add your business as a contact so they don’t miss an email.

3. Make it Scan Worthy

Your marketing emails are not the only ones your subscribers receive. This is why it is important to make your emails easy to scan. To do so, be sure to use subheadings within your emails and make your paragraphs short. If you need to have longer paragraphs, try inserting a teaser like Read More. You can then link the teaser to a landing page on your website that contains the extended content. This will also allow your subscribers to scan the email and click through to your website at a later time if they choose.

Another great rule of thumb is to add an image or two in your emails. This helps break up your email content and makes it even easier to scan.

4. Don’t Forget About Mobile

We love our cell phones and tablets. Nowadays, we use them to not only talk and text but also to send and receive emails. Therefore, you need to make your marketing emails easy to view on mobile devices, too. For optimal email success, be sure to choose an email template that is responsive or mobile-friendly. This allows your emails to automatically adjust to the size of any mobile device with customer intervention.

5. Remember the CAN-SPAM Rules

Having your emails flagged as Spam is never good. To keep your emails out of the Spam folder, you need to abide by CAN-SPAM rules.

According to the CAN-SPAM act, you can only send marketing emails to those who have specifically signed up for them. If you get a person’s information for any reason other than sending your marketing emails, you are prohibited from sending them marketing emails. CAN-SPAM also requires you to visibly display an unsubscribe link in every marketing email. This gives your email subscribers a chance to unsubscribe at any time at their discretion.

By following these rules, you can avoid being flagged for spam and worse, being fined.

6. Test. Test. Test.

Emails that don’t display correctly are disappointing and unprofessional. Additionally, if your emails don’t work, it’s a waste of time. This is why testing your marketing emails is so important.

Testing each email will help you catch missing or broken links, images that don’t display and much more. The easiest and most efficient way to test your emails is by setting up test email addresses and sending your emails there. Next, check each email on different computers and devices to ensure they look as expected. Since majority of adults have email accounts with Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, it’s best to always test your emails in these email clients.

7. Stay Consistent

Consistency is key in having email marketing success. When your emails contain valuable content and information, your subscribers will grow accustomed to receiving them. To help you stay on track and keep your subscribers happy, create and follow a marketing email schedule.

No matter the industry or your business size, email marketing can be beneficial.  With these tips in tow, you are that much closer to creating marketing emails that convert prospects into loyal customers.

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