Channel Surfing: The Guide To Connecting With Your Audience Online

Find the right channel for your brand

In today’s digital age, reaching an audience online seems easy. Advertise on GoogleBing or Twitter. Create a business page on Facebook. Follow users online with remarketing display ads. Remind them to go back and make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter. Reaching consumers can be a snap with all these online options. But what isn’t easy is actually making a connection with your audience. This requires engagement; a two-way conversation between a brand and a person.

Connecting with your audience online doesn’t have to be a struggle. Based on your marketing campaign objectives, you can decipher which channels you should use most to achieve the best results for your brand.

Let’s look at the most popular digital channels: display advertising, email, paid search, search engine optimization and social media. These are the channels that will make the biggest impact on a potential or existing audience.

We have a little help for you

Check out the Channel Surfing guide for our recommendations on how you can improve brand exposure, lead generation, marketing insights and reputation management through each of the five online channels. Soak up the digital marketing goodness, and apply some of the techniques to help your brand connect effectively with your audience online.

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