The Importance Of Online Strategies To Offline Conversion

Fact: 78 percent of shoppers search online before visiting a store, serving as further evidence that retailers need to understand how to convert online searches into offline sales. Connecting a customer’s online world with their offline experience is one way to start.

The importance of online strategies to offline conversion

According to Will Smith of Euclid, retailers should be creating the ideal customer experience in their brick-and-mortar store based on customers’ online data in an effort to drive more traffic and sales. For example, stocking commonly searched items in the store is one key to conversion and completing a transaction that, for all intents and purposes, began online.

To capture your optimal customer, it’s important to understand their digital habits—what they watch, how they interact, what brand loyalties they have. The next step is acting on the data collected and adjusting and improving strategies on the fly to reach maximum impact. Only then can you hope to reach them online and convert them in store.