How to Grow Your Budding Lawn Care or Garden Business

You’ve planted the seeds of your lawn care and garden business, now it’s time for it to grow. However, the lawn care business is highly competitive. If you’re going to have a successful business you’ll need a steady flow of clients. To win your share of local clients you’ll need effective marketing strategies that increase brand awareness, build trust and generate leads for your lawn care business.

Don’t worry, we have your back.

Here are seven lawn care marketing strategies you can use to grow your business like a weed in today’s competitive environment.


1. Set up your online presence

The internet is the first place potential clients will go to research your lawn care business. If you haven’t created a website yet, then that’s the first thing you need to do. Your website is the front door to your business online. And it must be attractive enough to influence potential clients to learn more about your services and contact you.

Invest in a website that is easy to navigate, clearly explains your services, has a “request a quote” contact form and shares compelling images of previous projects and client testimonials. This will provide a good first impression to potential clients and help you generate leads.


2. Brand your business

Creating a brand is important for all types of businesses, including lawn care. A brand is what differentiates you from your competition. If you’re not branding, there’s nothing keeping potential clients from choosing you over another lawn care business.

Make sure that you have consistent branding with all your marketing efforts. Have a designer create a professional logo that visually communicates your core message, a color scheme and font set that represents your business. Having set branding standards make it easier for potential clients to distinguish your business from your competitors.


3. Start a blog

A blog is a great way to attract new customers and maintain your relationship with current clients by simply providing useful content. It’s a place for you to share solutions to your clients’ problems and questions. You can even showcase your knowledge as a lawn care expert and gain the trust of your local market.

A by-product of publishing valuable blog content is that you will receive organic web traffic to your website. The more content that you publish the more traffic that you will receive. So be sure to publish content consistently every month.


4. Capture more clients with door hangers

Distributing door hangers is still one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to build your lawn care clientele. You work in specific geographic areas so you know where your ideal clients live.

There is a nearly 100% chance the recipient will see your door hanger because they have to physically remove it from their door. Your door hanger will also be seen by the public as they walk through the neighborhood and notice your brand name hanging from the front doors.


5. Get discovered with local SEO 

If you have launched your website, the next step is getting people to find it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves increasing your website rank on a search results page on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. A website built on proper SEO tactics can gain more online visibility and drive more traffic. But since you work in a specific area, you’ll want to focus on local SEO.

One way to strengthen your local SEO is to claim your Google Business Listing. This listing can help your lawn care business by including your contact information the first page of results page after someone searches for your brand or series online.


6. Build connections on social media

With over 1.9 billion users and 234 million users in the United States, Facebook has the most users out of all the social media platforms. Set up a Facebook Page for your lawn care business so you can build connections with potential clients and get reviews from existing ones. Post consistency is important. Whether you post once a day or once a week, create a posting schedule that you can stick to.

Facebook provides a space for you to be creative. You can showcase your work, educate clients with lawn care advice and get your name in front of potential clients. Also, Facebook has direct call-to-action buttons that can drive customers to your website or fill out a contact form.


7. Reach potential clients with online advertising

Online advertising is a highly effective way of reaching potential clients and generating quality leads for your business. There are several ways to advertise online including on search engines, social media platforms and review websites.

Google offers businesses the pay-per-click advertising model with their Google Adwords platform. Facebook offers robust advertising features such as targeting your audience by geography, age, marital status and homeownership. And finally, review websites are a great place for you to advertise because users are actively considering service provider options. The most popular and important review sites for lawn care business is Angie’s List, Yelp and Houzz. All these websites can bring you qualified leads warmed up and ready to buy.


Sprouting future business

The most powerful marketing tool in building your business is you. What sets you apart from all of the several other lawn care providers and which marketing strategies will you use to share what your superior service with your customers?