How Marketing Automation Drives Bottom-Line Revenue

Marketing managers are often the quintessential chicken with its head cut off, running around trying to keep track of multiple campaigns and various digital platforms all at the same time. Automating some of these marketing functions not only relieves some of the burden, but it also drives revenue and cost savings.

Image credit: Distribion

Image credit: Distribion

Recent trend reports indicate that automation can mean a 15 percent savings in creative production and a 12.2 percent savings in both direct mail and overhead budgets, coupled with a 14.5 percent increase in sales. 

Automation facilitates marketing communication customization based on gathered data, leading to higher conversion rates, increasing ROI dramatically. It’s also an effective tool in reducing expenses, cutting down on the resources required for marketing, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for outside creative vendors by putting the tools in the hands of your staff members.

Distribion, one of The Dallas Morning News’ member companies, is a comprehensive marketing automation services agency that offers solutions for any size client. It provides tools to consolidate and simplify your marketing and allows for bi-directional syncing to maintain database integrity. Distribion helps streamline resources by hosting files and providing a one-stop platform for creating landing pages, email campaigns and marketing collateral, all without your staff having to know HTML.

Marketing automation provides the tools for your sales and marketing teams to be able to identify which customers are the strongest prospects and then communicate with them in the manner in which they want to be communicated with. For more information and to learn more about how marketing automation can help your business, feel free to get in touch with Distribion today!