Programmatic Advertising 101

“Programmatic advertising” is a term used with increasing frequency in the world of content marketing, but what does it mean and how does it help businesses reach their audiences?

In a nutshell, programmatic advertising is automated advertising. Using a combination of sophisticated software, artificial intelligence, and real-time bidding, ads are purchased and delivered to relevant audiences online via video, mobile and online display campaigns.

This programmatic advertising method has become an appealing option for many brands, as it has the ability to target localized audiences. This alone has advertisers banking on a better return on investment in addition to higher-quality leads for their business.

Three major benefits of programmatic advertising are efficiency, effectiveness, and scale. Automated delivery of data-driven ads shown to your targeted audience delivered across multiple publishers is a win-win situation for advertisers. 

Here are a few trends and forecasts for programmatic advertising:

Mobile Ads

More than half of all spending on programmatic advertising is funneled into mobile ads according to current reporting. Mobile analytics are provided by Google and Facebook. Individuals are easier to track and target thanks to unique IDs associated with them. These two abilities yield deeper insight into consumer behavior and their preferences.

Greater Control

Enhanced features, customization, and filters that offer greater control for the advertiser are on the rise. For offline purchases, automated software may begin to partner with credit card companies so that the buying cycle is fully transparent from beginning to end. When the consumer makes his or her purchase after seeing a programmatic ad the advertiser will know.

Increased Security

Standardized security protocols will decrease fraud, therefore, giving peace of mind to the consumer and the advertiser. Increased security will not only help consumers feel less vulnerable, but it will make them also feel more secure in clicking ads. It will also help advertisers feel confident that clicks are coming from real, relevant consumers instead of non-human traffic.

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