Q&A: 5 Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions

Digital marketing is always evolving. From paid search to email marketing, we understand that no matter if you are new to it or a have been doing it for a while, you will always have pertinent questions.

Where do start? What are the best practices? What will work for my business? The questions can go on and on. That is why we have compiled a list and answered the top five digital marketing questions that business owners may have.

Q: Should I run a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

A: Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) can be very helpful. However, deciding whether or not you want to run a PPC campaign for your business should depend on your goals.

Are you interested in getting click-throughs to your website that generate revenue? Is your main focus to gain exposure for your brand or product? Do you want to increase your social media following and engagement? These results are all possible with PPC, however, you need to pinpoint the goal that you want to achieve first to determine if a PPC campaign is right for your brand.

With your goal in mind, you will then be able to decide whether a social PPC campaign or a paid search PPC campaign will align better for your business’ goal. For instance, if you’re looking to gain more followers, social media PPC would be the better option for you.

On the other hand, if you want to reach your target audience while they are searching online, search PPC would be a good focus for your business. This is especially true for companies that provide a local service like carpet cleaning and want to drive online searchers to their website.

Whichever option you choose, start small and then review the data afterward before running a full campaign.

Q: If I create a business blog, how often should I blog?

A: Blogging can do wonders for your business online. Through blogging, your website’s search ranking increases and your site can be found by search engines like Google and Bing. When blogging about FAQs or subjects related to your product and services, you also position your company as an industry leader. So to answer the question at hand, blog as often you can.

The great thing about having a company blog is that you determine the frequency. You don’t have to blog every day, however, try to stay on a consistent schedule. The last thing you want is to gain a blog following and then lose them because you did not publish blogs as frequently as you once did. To help prevent this from occurring, try creating a content calendar. This will help you plan the topics you will blog about as well as the days you will publish each blog. A content calendar will also help hold you accountable so you’re less inclined to have long breaks in between blogs.

Q: Which social media platforms should I use?

A: This will solely depend on the platform that your customers and target audience frequent the most. However, Facebook has become known as the social media platform that every business can utilize so that it a good place to start. From there, add other social media platforms to your list only if they make sense for your business. For example, Pinterest is a great platform for creative industries like home builders. If you are a home builder, creating a Pinterest profile might be beneficial for posting before and after images that will be shared with the masses and increase your marketing reach. The same goes for Instagram since it is a visual platform. As for Twitter, it is great for publishing links to blog articles and short form educational information.

Q: On social media, how much of my own content should I use vs. curated content?

A: The main purpose of having business social media pages are to provide information and engage with your followers. While you can still engage with your followers by reposting content from national publications and brands, you’re only helping their digital marketing efforts. To help with your company’s branding, follow the 80/20 rule. This involves posting your own branded content 80% of the time and curated content the other 20% of the time. This helps you provide fresh content to your audience while still leaving you some time to create it.

Q: How do I keep my emails out of the spam folder?

A: The spam folder is definitely a place you want to avoid. To do so, there are some email marketing blunders that you should not commit like:

  • Using the word “FREE” throughout the body of your email
  • Using punctuations in your subject line

All of the actions above can result in sophisticated spam filters catching your emails before they even land in the inbox of your recipients.

Digital marketing can be overwhelming. And as a business owner, you may still have questions. That’s why we’re here!

Do you have specific questions about various digital marketing tactics? Our digital marketing experts at Belo Media Group are happy to answer them.  Write your questions below or contact us.